Furry People Pet Sitting

Furry People Pet Sitting is a family owned and operated San Diego pet sitter.

We do not have employees or independent contractors. You and your pets will meet and interview your pet sitter at a free initial home visit. Call us to set up an appointment! (619) 322-0133

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Serving the following areas and their neighborhoods:

We proudly offer the following services. If your pet needs special care, feel free to ask!

→ Dog Walks — 20 minute or 30-minutes of outdoor exercise

→ In-Home visits — While you are away at work or on vacation

→ Vacation home care — Included in pet visits to make your home look lived-in

→ Pet Taxi — For vet visits, park trips, and grooming appointments

→ Special Needs Care — Medication and special care for exotic pets

We love all kinds of animals and have many years of experience caring for companion animals including exotics.

We are dedicated to caring for animals in the most gentle, humane and compassionate manner possible. We value all animals, large and small, as sentient beings worthy of love, affection, and the best of care.